Monday 28 February 2022

Ellen shorts

Late last year I had a request from A for some shorts that had a "paper bag" waist. I think she intended for me to buy a particular ready-to-wear pair, but that's no fun.

I found the Style Arc Ellen Woven shorts pattern, plus a few other Style Arc patterns (I'd thought the much hyped on instagram Hope Dress might have worked for my mum - nope) and then some great crinkle linen from Maaidesign and I was off...

The first pair I made was a straight size 6. They were instantly declared to be too big and too low in the crotch. Yet she did wear them comfortably on a couple of occasions.

It's been a while since I made them so I don't have any helpful notes re the pattern itself. The instructions are sparse but clear and there were plenty of notches and pattern markings such that it all came together without a fuss.

I made a second pair in a size 4 with about 3/4" (forgotten!) length removed from crotch depth. Those were in a gingham version of the same crinkled linen. I could have sworn I'd photographed them, but it turns out I'd just taken pictures of these same ones in a different spot.

They've also been worn but I think they might ride up a bit when walking, and so neither pair are in high rotation. That's something that has always annoyed me about shorts and I don't know if it's a leg length, or crotch depth issue. It's certainly something that puts me off shorts too. I'll have to try and solve it one day.


  1. Just a quick comment to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. Fellow cyclist/triathlete (mtb remains first love) and sewer here...regards from Israel.

  2. How frustrating when you want shorts.


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