Wednesday 2 June 2021

Cartwheel Wrap Dress

 And with this pattern it's a wrap*. I have now sewn every Oliver + S children's pattern at least once (and many of them many, many times)

*Cartwheel Wrap Dress

The modelled photos are from quite some time ago. Late March perhaps? We'd gone into the city to see a show for the Melbourne Comedy Festival. 

By the end of the night the city was looking beautiful, as it often does...

The fabric was an impulse buy from the remnant bins at Rathdowne Fabrics. It's a cotton poplin with slightly diagonal stripes of elephants. I figured A would like the colours and who doesn't like elephants? I confess I sewed it because I wanted to. I have no ambitions for it being worn much and expect it may get handed down after only a few wears. Some patterns make you just want to sew them.

I'm going to be a bad blogger and not even try and remember what size I made. It will be written on the tracing interfacing as it's the only copy of this pattern. I suspect it's a straight size 12 which sees her outgrowing these beautiful patterns.

Of course it was a joy to sew with some clever details and finishing that I would not have figured out had I been trying to make an overlapping wrap skirt with lined bodice dress on my own!

I'm going to have make one of these patterns every few months for someone else's small child, just to keep my love of sewing from growing stale. They were the patterns that first made it all make sense to me, and they're the ones I always turn to for a the sewing equivalent of an amuse-bouche.

If you haven't sewn one yet, then dive in. Bon appetit!


  1. Lovely wrap dress and a lined bodice is a win. I kept waiting to see A do a cartwheel in this dress, I’m sure she has!

    1. You know, for someone who is frequently upside-down, I don't think she has! THere was a suggestion long ago on the Oliver + S forum that we should photograph our kids doing the things in the named pattern. Then they introduced the Parachute polo and Sweatpants! :)

  2. The sewing equivalent of an amuse true! Love this dress :)

  3. A beautiful dress Shelley. I saw this fabric ( gotta love a scrounge amongst the RF remnants) and was almost tempted. Great patterns but I don’t have smallish people in my life to sew for at the moment.

    1. I won't have any either some time soo. I might have to sew for random strangers!


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