Monday 15 March 2021

Train Track neckwarmer

For Christmas I bought a little bundle of five 20g skeins of hand dyed wool from Valley Maker. It was kind of a gift for A cause I knew she'd like the colours, and kind of a gift for me, cause I seem to like stashing yarn as well as fabric now.

Eventually I found a pattern that would suit it: the Train Track Neckwarmer by Robin Williams

I sort of followed the pattern, although I can't recall if I kept the same needle size. I think I might have gone smaller as I was using a fingering weight yarn and making it child sized.

What I did ignore was the number of rows to knit. I used my main colour yarn with a secondary colour until I thought I had a quarter of the length done. Then I switched the secondary yarn into the primary yarn position and brought in a new colour as the secondary yarn. And so on until all five yarns had been used.

I don't know how well it works to join the ends of a rectangular scarf into a cowl or neckwarmer. It kind of needs a triangular shape for that to work. But I was keen to try the buttonholes, which I'd never knitted before, and A liked the idea of it buttoning. And of course the perfect little wooden buttons were in the stash begging to be used.

Perhaps the most fun to be had with a knitted scarf is wandering around the house dropping it in places and photographing it!

And now, a gratuitous photo of our little mini lawn mowers - Albus and Remus!

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  1. Beautiful colours in the neck warmer and the perfect buttons are a plus. Love you lawn mowers.


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