Monday 22 February 2021

New Look 6444 Birthday Jumpsuit

 For A's birthday this year she had put in a request for a dress, with very definite specifications....

I always like to make a surprise outfit, so I figured I'd need to sew something else alongside that dress.

I'd bought this lightweight seersucker-like fabric, probably a rayon, at Spotlight on their $2/m table and stashed it. I'm sure she'd seen it at the time, but presumably forgotten about it.

She'd also seen the pattern: New Look 6444 and had approved of it.

Based on her measurements I went with the straight size 12. Previously I'd have added length but her torso length seems to now match her pattern size. It's just her limbs that are probably still closer to a size 10. 

But with the ankles having an elastic cuff it didn't look like it would matter if the leg length was overly generous. 

The fit is really nice and I can see that the bottom half would make a good pair of pants on its own. Maybe even with wide leg leaving the ankles uncuffed.

The bottom half on its own would also be a much quicker sew. In contrast, the top part was quite time consuming: a narrow rolled hem all the way around that ruffle and then bias bound armscyes and bias casing for the waist elastic. Some neat finishing but pretty involved sewing.

She's not been entirely enthusiastic about home sewn clothes lately, and so I was quite amused when she went to open this present. She'd decided that of the two presents on the table left to unwrap, one was from us and the other from her granny. Since granny often gives her clothes she decided the "squishy" package must be from granny...

She opened it and was delighted, gushing about how great it was and how clever granny was to have chosen it for her. Her brother started sniggering as he pointed out the label he'd chosen for me to sew into it: One of the KATM Sweary Sewist labels that read "Hand-Fucking-Made" :)

Does matching your brick wall backdrop to your hair work? not really. :)

Pattern: New Look 6444
Size: 12
Modifications: none
Fabric: cheap rayon seersucker from Spotty


  1. Priceless that she thought it was from granny and then P’s snigger!! The jumpsuit looks perfect in all respects and a great idea for the pants either with the wide legs or elastic.

    1. Thanks Sharon. I was quite amused by her reaction as not everything I create is regarding with the enthusiasm I think it deserves! :)


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