Friday, 9 August 2019

Sailboat Top and Pants

I was reminded recently of the Oliver + S Sailboat Pattern and when I remembered it topped out at size 8 I had a sudden compulsion to sew it up one last time.

I traced off the top and pants in the largest size 8, adding some length to the hem of the top and the sleeves. The pants are straight size 8. Then I rummaged through the stash for fabrics that would work well.

The top is the last of my See You At Six French terry combined with a double sided knit that I bought years ago at Phillips Shirts.

The grey side of the double knit matched the background of the french terry panel so well it was amazing and the burgundy face made a great contrast for the sleeves. I topstitched the facings with burgundy thread and then it's closed with some brass snaps.

Can you see what I thought I'd get away with on the pants? Yep I've cut them from a cord with the nap going in different directions on the front and back. The photo above makes it super obvious, but to be honest it's not that stark in real life and it's kids clothes anyway. Who cares. They move so much it's barely noticeable!

The pants are the last of some stretch cord from Fabric Deluxe that I'd used for this skirt when I didn't have enough of the other fabric. There was just enough leftover for these pants so long as cutting rules were discarded.

I might take the elastic at the back in a bit as these were falling down a little, but at least she doesn't need to bother undoing the front snaps to get them on or off.

I'm way out of order in bring what I've made to the blog, but this one deserves to jump the queue as it was one of those idea on a Thursday, cut Friday and sewn over the weekend kind of outfits.

Satisfyingly made entirely out of stash fabrics in a much loved pattern. Want to see last time I made the pants?.... :)

A simple, useful outfit that was a delight to sew and revisit. She's all about pants and separates at the moment so I'm hoping they get some wear. Still cute kid!

Size: 8
Modifications: 1" extra torso length and 1& 1/2" sleeve length. pants no mods
Fabrics; Stashed double knit and french terry and stretch corduroy
Notions: Size 20 metal snaps.


  1. She is still a cute kid, but OMG that baby picture!!! I need to make this again...I measured Julia and she is still an 8, but will need to add a bunch of length. Maybe Liesl should re-visit some of these older patterns and extend the size her spare time!

  2. THAT BABY PICTURE!!! This pattern is so great. I made a pair for Maggie last year but I should make her another now. Love in corduroy, and that is hilarious about the nap! Totally wouldn't have noticed it if you hadn't posted that one photo where it pops a bit, though. Otherwise very subtle.

  3. So cute (both pics!)...and thank YOU for reminding me about this pattern. I've made the pants for my son, but forget about the top. Need to dig out knit fabrics from the stash now...

  4. A very satisfying make and that baby photo is too cute.


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