Tuesday 15 January 2019

The 2018 Sewing Wrap Up

I'm going to keep this brief as our PC is dying and keeps crashing.

As always I've made collages of pictures of everything I made in 2018. Let's start with Oliver + S


Previous years there have been mulitple collages just for Oliver + S but the kids are wearing school clothes a lot, and A is growing into P's old jeans and shirts and has this taste for grunge...

 But, every body needs swimmers and leotards are such fun to make, so this year Jalie patterns go a collage of their own

I said it at the start of the year and I stand by it, that jacket of P's is my favourite make of the year. I want one for me this year! (but I have so many other coat ideas... hmmm)

Liesl + Co and Lisette patterns always feature heavily in my sewing, and so here's the collage of garments made using those patterns

And finally the "everything else" category. Plenty of Vogue patterns for me, a few indie/japanese and Burda patterns for the kids. Odd bits of craft, and one or two other patterns that I picked up along the way

I have plenty of plans for this year's sewing. But, of course, they'll change from one moment to the next so it's a very fluid approach. But there will definitely be more sewing from the fabric and pattern stash.

Using up all the bits is my pledge and so the first garment sewn this year was suitably hideous, made out of gifted purple seersucker. She loves it and that will be up next. First up though, is the annual mountain holiday with it's poolside craft (there's no Secret Valentine Exchange this year - so I put out a call on Instagram for wannabe gift recipients to send me their crafty ideas).

And probably a new PC. Hitting publish before it crashes....


  1. Such a great year for you! Your kids are very fortunate; I have definitely fallen off the sewing-for-mine wagon, though one of my goals for 2019 is to get back on. I love that color blocked pencil skirt you made (and might copy it!).

  2. So inspiring! My A is now in gymnastics and your Jalie collage has spurred me on to making her a leotard. Hope your 2019 is just as productive and fun in the sewing department!

  3. Your output is awesome and everything looks so good. Can't wait to see the purple seersucker and hope you had an amazing break.


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