Tuesday 10 July 2018

Burda 9406 - cool kid pants

So given the whole point of this blog is to remind me of the fittings and foibles of patterns this blog post should be a big F for fail, but the pants are so cool it's a self rated A+ (as always ;))

The boy was getting about in last year's trousers and there was a disconcerting amount of ankle on show! I knew with school holidays coming up I was either going to see a lot of school uniform trackpants, or those exposed ankles... or I was going to have to sew some new pants.

I jumped in with another pair of Burda 9406 jeans. This time in the largest size, size 10, sewing View B which is the longer length , intended to be rolled up at the ankle.

I'd previously made the size 8 with 9 length and they're now comfortably fitting his 7 year old sister, so these are proper fitted jeans. Sadly, the size 10 is as large as this pattern goes.

View B has these larger, low slung back pockets that belie the fact that it's still quite a well fitted crotch seam. Kids can have the appearance of dude pants without the saggy, dropped crotch reality!

The bit that is unchanged between the sizes and views is that the zipper recommended length is still too long (4 inches would be fine, don't bother with a 5" zipper as instructed) and the fly shield is still too short (add ta least an inch to the fly shield length). And that's exactly what I found the first time I made them, and forgot to amend the second time also.

I'm loving these on him so much that I might try and make another pair this year before he outgrows the pattern. Let's see if, for the final time, I can heed my own warning and get the zipper and fly shield length amended and right. Don't hold your breath.

The pattern shows the cuff being rolled considerably, whereas these are just turned up once. Maybe I'll add even more length to the next pair so that they can be double rolled this year, cuffed next year and regular hem the following year. That would be winning at lazy mum sewing. Just have to remember not to overfeed him in the meantime.

The fabric for these is a navy, brushed drill from Rathdowne Fabrics. I usually buy any hard wearing navy fabrics when I find them cheaply as it's school uniform pants/skirt colour and so these pants can double as school uniform pants for those winter days when the washing hasn't been kept up to schedule.

With its soft, moleskin like face it's a really nice fabric anyway and I'd happily have a pair of jeans made out of this. Maybe I just stockpile nice fabrics and then find reasons for having bought them...

I can't say what a difference it makes seeing the kids in clothes that fit. It's only now, that I'm insanely busy with other projects that I realise he needs more pants. I've cut and sewn one other pair that I'll share next, but then he has to get back in line and wait a while.

Pattern: Burda 9406, View B

Size: Straight size 10
Modifications: NEED to lengthen the fly shield by about 1"
Fabric: Brushed navy drill
Notions: Buttonhole elastic, buttons, jeans button, NEEDS 4" zip (not 5" as specified)


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Emily, I'm really happy with these pants. The fabric just feels better and better with each wash.

  2. hahahaha yes try not to overfeed him and everything will be fine because you will remember your own recommendations or the next time hahaha but seriously, these are awesome!

    1. Thanks Jenya. I have plenty of doubts as to my ability to remember any of my lessons learned!

  3. Great looking jeans and I say go with the extra leg length.

    Good to know I am not the only one that forgets to check back on their blog for the notes they made for the garment for first time around.

    1. But don't you feel so clever on the rare occasion that you do check back! There's buttonhole elastic in the waist and with the cuffed leg length I'm hoping these will still next year. But who am I kidding, he'll have worn hole sin the knees long before then (sigh)

  4. These are great pants. Lucky P. I guess you'll have to find a new pattern now... it's hard when they move out of a size range.

    1. Thanks Marisa. I think the tween age for boy patterns must be even harder to source than for girls. Perhaps that's because they become too cool to wear mum-made trousers and so it won't be a problem after all.

  5. He is beyond cool with that fidget spinner shirt and the dude/hipster skinnies. He would fit right in with the hipster crowd in San Francisco. What about Ottobre for that tween age? The magazines only have a couple patterns per issue in that range, but they are there and if you go back you might be able to find an old issue to buy that has a great pattern to try?


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