Sunday 15 April 2018

Swimwear Sewathon Part 6

Last summer I had traced off the Jalie 3668 Rashie in both kids sizes. I'd gone on to make A's and mine, but hadn't made one for P. Until now...

I thought I'd recreate his top and trunks swimmers from two years ago. He loved those swimmers but as they were made with some very ordinary stretch fabric of uncertain content they didn't last very well.

That time I used two Oliver + S patterns: The Nature Walk Pants and the Field Trip Raglan T. Here's the blog post from 2016 for turning those patterns into swimwear: Beachwear with Oliver + S

This year I've used the Nature Walk pants again, and done the same modifications as described in the tutorial. I've sized down two sizes again in the shorts, but these are a bit looser than would be ideal for swimming trunks.

And for the rashie I used the L width and N length that I had prepared 12 months earlier. Given that he might be wearing for the trunks for another two years, the top could do with a touch more body and sleeve length but is otherwise perfect.

Both the lime and the grey are Carvico VITA lycras and I bought some matching lime overlocker thread. To get the fake flatlock look I just sewed the seams wrong sides together with the overlocker, then stitched the seam allowance to one side with a twin needle.

P and I both think it looks pretty cool!

One more swimwear blog post installment to come and then I think it's going to be all raincoats and trackpants for a while...


  1. I think he has aged about four years in the past few months; I do not recognize him at all! Great swimwear as always!

    1. Oh it seems that way sometimes. Like we have a mini teenager on our hands already!

  2. Yup, you are officially insane. SO MUCH SWIMWEAR. But these are fantastic, a great redo of one of my favorite past makes of yours.

    1. Last one still to come and then I. Am. Done.
      I'm pretty fond of this combo too. This year I was careful to get my colour contrast on the same sides, but looking back. I kind of like the accidental opposite sides look more. Maybe next year... (kill me now)

  3. I am in awe of anyone making swim wear and this set looks so professional.


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