Friday 9 February 2018

Jalie 3671 Gigi Bikini - Swimwear Sewathon Part 3

Still going with blogging about this summer's swimwear and it's bikini time!

I'm letting A go first 'cause she looks much cuter in her bikini.

I have never seen her more excited about something I've sewn for her. She put it on the moment it was finished and then wore it every single chance she got. At home it was constantly on and then when we went out somewhere it was all I could do to convince her to put clothes over the top. It was not coming off. Ever.

The pattern is Jalie 3671 Gigi. I've sewn the View A with single tie back, halter neck straps and lower cut waist. Straight size J from memory. I didn't bother with the drawstring ruching of the sides of the bikini bottoms. There's so little fabric there anyway!

It's ridiculously cute in that tiny pieces of fabric way, and this particular fabric was just crying out to be a bikini. It's a branded swimwear fabric (Sea Folly I believe) that I picked up at GJ's Fabrics when I was doing my lightning tour of Melbourne's fabric stores to compose this shopping guide.

The fabric is a cotton-feel fuschia base with these tiny scalloped orange ruffles. In all it's quite thick and substantial and is pretty slow drying as far as swimsuits go. That didn't stop her from pulling it on, still wet, every morning we were on vacation. Thankfully GJ's also stocked some of the wider (2cm) bikini clasps needed for the back closure.

My only issue with the pattern is that the bottoms are a bit prone to riding up at the back. I need to give her bottoms the leotard-like, low cut adjustment and maybe try these ones out for me.

...and it's my turn next (trembling...)

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  1. CUH-UUUUUUUUTE!!!! Could she be any more adorable? And her enthusiasm!


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