Friday, 22 December 2017

Liesl + Co Chai Tee

This one also dates back to the pre-Frocktails procrasticrafting. I decided to bust out the new Liesl + Co Chai Tee pattern and whip up a quick T-shirt.

The details of the T-shirt pattern are somewhat lost in my print, so here's the line drawing from the Oliver + S website:

As you can see I made View A, which is really the same as View B but you don't fold the sleeve cuffs back and tack them up. That's the only difference as far as I can gather. I liked my sleeve cuffs flopping down.

The pattern comes with five sizes, XS through to XXL and the three different bust cup sizes A/B, C or D. As per my measurements I made the size M with A/B cup size.

I was on the hunt for something quick and easy and so I constructed the whole thing with the overlocker. The sewing machine only came out at the very end to twin needle the hem of the body.

I made it with a 1metre cut of a mystery, very drapey rayon knit that was in the stash. I made no modifications at all, but in such a drapey, stretchy knit you can see that the neckline has become very large. I don't mind it at all for general wearing, but I find if I carry a shoulder bag, the top ends up coming off my shoulders and there's a bit of bra strap peekage, which is something I'm not a fan of at all.

But as a light, loose t-shirt with a flattering shape and some interest with the shoulder pleats I'm calling it a winner. I'll be curious to see how it sews up in a more stable fabric, or even by blocking a woven fabric for the front panel and the rest in a knit. Definitely a pattern worth playing with.

pattern: Liesl + Co Chai Tee, View A
size: M, A/B cup
modifications: none (other than different sewing construction to use the overlocker only)
fabric: Cheap rayon knit from the local Vietnamese fabric shop via the stash.

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  1. It looks lovely. You may just have to carry your purse while wearing this tee hehe


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