Saturday 25 November 2017

Gingham what?

There I was, pondering whether to finally start my Frocktails dress and then up pops a photo in my Instagram feed of a Hopscotch skirt made up in pink gingham. This bit of procrasticrafting was entirely Sewpony's fault.

This fabric was gifted to me somehow and I have just never really liked gingham, nor this particular shade of pink.. But.. . I do love the Hopscotch skirt and when I saw Suz's version I was struck with the sudden need to combine a bit of less than desirable fabric with an awesome pattern and make something the kid would love.

We struggled to get good modelled photos as it was all a bit bright and sunny on that day with the camera, but it's in high rotation. And gee is it nice to see her in a skirt that is a decent length - we've had a closet clean out this week as so many favourites were just getting waaaaaay too short.

At the moment that inspiration struck we had some kid friends over for a playdate. The kids were all bickering a bit and as a distraction I invited A's friend to look through my Oliver + S patterns and choose a skirt she liked.

She picked the Sailboat Skirt and so the rest of the pink gingham was made into a Sailboat Skirt with a bit of white piping added.

I love making this little skirt. It's kinda 60's in its styling and it's super cute on. I was quite pleased with my finishing as I thought to use a little bit of the cotton adhesive tape I'd bought from Daiso to cover the seam allowance at the top of the kick pleat. Neat, huh?

While I'm not entirely managing to avoid adding to my fabric stash, I'm happy to be using much more than I'm putting in, and especially using up some of these bits that have sat in there for a few years now.

Patterns: Oliver + S Hopscotch Skirt and Sailboat Skirt
Sizes: Size 6 width 7 length (Hopscotch) and size 5 width 6 length (Sailboat)
Fabric: Mystery poplin-like gingham
Notions: Buttons, elastic and lots of pretending I didn't have something else I should be making


  1. You made a child a skirt to stop squabbles? Best mum OF THE YEAR!
    This is really cute, I love pink gingham, especially with pale denim.

    Your gorgeous girl is growing fast, Tildy was thrilled with her bag of goodies and equally impressed when I told her you had raced the train (and won) that she traveled on during her hols.
    xx N

    1. Oh but isn't it the worst when you have kids over for a play thinking the biggies will play together and the littlies play together but it all ends up with one gang excluding one kid and you have to police the whole thing non stop. Sewing is SO much easier than that. :)
      Glad to have a such lovely recipients for the outgrown things.

  2. You are an amazing mum, a skirt for a friend and a perfect gingham skirt for A.

    1. Thanks Sharon. Either this skirt pattern is a generous length or I'd failed to notice how ridiculously short all her other skirts were getting!

  3. Great stashbusting! Two adorable skirts, and now you never have to wonder what to do with that pink gingham again! Isn't that the best feeling?!

    1. That IS the best feeling. I have a few fabrics that stare reproachfully at me every time I go to select something else. I thought it rude that a fabric I hadn't even chosen myself should be giving me that side eye. So I cut it up! Bwahahaha


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