Sunday 25 June 2017

Art Museum Trousers twice straight up

Almost two years ago I made the kid two pairs of Oliver + S Art Museum trousers and they have been in constant rotation ever since. Yes, he LOVED those cheetah pants and wore them all the time. They have held up really well to wear, somewhat surprisingly given the fabric is just a cotton sateen, but they are definitely too short now. The denim pair have worn through at the knees as well as being outgrown. Time to double up on Art Museum pants again.


First up is the plain black denim pair. This is a small part of a great denim that I scored from Rathdowne Fabrics for only $5/metre due to flood damage. I think the bottom of the fabric roll may have been wet but it's washed up perfectly and even on the wrong side there's no stains or marks.

I love the welt pockets on these pants. They're largely decorative as I don't think I've ever seen him use them for holding anything. For practical sewing purposes they could be left off or switched for patch pockets, but they just look so cool and I always find myself sewing them anyway.

I got a bit scissor happy and snipped too close to one corner. On any other fabric it would have been barely noticeable, but of course denim has those really obvious white warp threads that will pop out and scream "hole pending here!". So I added some decorative and very functional topstitching!

The 2015 pants were straight size 7, this year they're straight size 8. How's that for easy fitting. His body measurements fit the size 8 perfectly but height is closer to size 9 or even 10. However this is one pants pattern with plenty of leg length. I stuck to the straight size 8.

To lighten things up a bit, the waistband facing and the pocket bags were sewn in a quilting cotton.

I'll take whatever modelling I can get these days. Sigh.

Back when I was first searching for fabric to make the Cheetah outfit, I came across some grey on grey big cat print denim. I happily snapped it up only to be told by the kid that it was Jaguar not Cheetah and therefore would. not. do.

A year and a half later I figured the jaguar jeans could be made to replace the cheetah trousers.

These are a fair bit easier on the eye than those cheetah pants - which curiously no one seems to want as hand me downs. ;)

They've already become the favourite pants and are first ones out of the drawer whenever they're clean. That's driving me nuts as there are two perfectly good pair of jeans (these and these) that are in that same drawer and never get an outing.

He was momentarily disappointed to discover the Jaguar jeans weren't lined like the cheetah pants had been. It appears the boy has developed a fondness for fully lined trousers. I've created two fashion monsters it would seem!

And another dab pose, of course.

Pattern: Oliver + S Art Museum Trousers
Size: 8 (no modifications)
Fabric: Black denim from Rathdowne Fabrics. Jaguar grey denim for The Fabric Store. Various quilting cottons for facings/pocket bags from the stash


  1. These are great! i love this pattern so much. I've been sewing size 4s for my son for a couple years now and he's only just grown into the complete length!

    1. Thanks Masha. I'm also finding that the loose fit is handsome, but the slimmer fit as they grow is alright too. Definitely a pattern that lasts and lasts.

  2. The trousers look awesome (dabbing and all -- and hey, I know what that is now!). These were probably the first trouser pattern I attempted and they turned out surprisingly well. I say "surprisingly" because I was definitely a beginner back then and needed all the help I could get! That topstitching detail is perfect!

    1. Oh you've reminded me I really should make a girls pair one day soon too. Thanks for the lovely compliment Emi

  3. Love both of these. That $5 black denim was a great score!

    1. Thanks Marisa. I think I may have been under the delusion I would make jeans for me. the kids are probably going to use it all up first... :)

  4. Okay I had to look up "dabbing"! Both pairs of pants looks very impressive.

    1. Oh I wish I could have remained ignorant of the "dab". I apologise for bringing it to your attention :)

  5. I've created a fit fiend. Miss 17 tried on a perfectly acceptable formal dress and said: "I like the colour and shape. I don't like the way it is too long and puffy here (ribcage). It doesn't fit properly. Can you take it in?"


    Awesome trousers, good fit too!


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