Wednesday 28 September 2016

School Concert Part 1: It's A Hard Knock Life

Catching up on some recent makes now that I've managed to get some more pictures.

The kids had their school concert performances recently and  both had outfit requirements. Luckily we had almost everything that was needed for A's costume. Her class were performing songs from the musical Annie, and the kids were to dress like school children (or possibly institutionalised orphans, I'm not sure exactly what they were told).

Anyway, the piece of paper with costume requirements was lost and not brought home, so I got the verbal, somewhat vague version, which was: A white top, navy shorts and long socks of an uncertain colour.

The navy shorts were easy, as navy bottoms is the school uniform, and A already had this pair of Class Picnic shorts (School sewathon post). I thought it would be fun to sew the Class Picnic blouse as well since I hadn't yet sewn that part of the pattern. - I later got a copy of the costume request which said white t-shirt or polo top, but heck, we were going with this cute little blouse. (and we hit up the local market for long white socks now that the colour was determined)

That little 'label' is a bit of self adhesive cotton tape that I picked up at Daiso. Hopefully the glue won't turn black or anything when it's washed as it's such an easy way to add a label - fold the ends under, stick it down then stitch around it.

The fabric was a remnant from this Japanese blouse that I made myself. It's a beautiful, soft cotton with a little geometric pattern in it. It originally came from The Fabric Store and is really, indescribably nice - I know it just looks like white quilting cotton in most of these pictures. Trust me. It's better than that :)

The blouse is a size 5 with 1" extra length at the hem and the sleeves. The pattern is gorgeous. It's so cleanly finished and delightful to sew, I can see why it's a favourite woven top for many who've sewn it.

It will be such a cute little blouse to wear in summer. I do hope it gets a look in, as she's on a bit of a knit dress only binge at the moment.

The concert itself was equal parts endearing, excruciating and hilarious as only kid's concerts can be.

Then the real hard work began when P put in his request for a costume for the night.
To be continued.....

Pattern: Oliver + S Class Picnic Blouse and Shorts
Size: 5 with 1" sleeve and hem length added
Fabric: Embossed white cotton from The Fabric Store


  1. t-shirt? Gah! Blouse of course :) Love it :D I reckon there is a black hole where the school notes go!

    1. Along with the lunch boxes, food containers, school jumpers, school hats... AAAAARRRRGH. I confess to comparing my kids against each other and making a competition out of who can mange not to lose all their S&*t every day. :) bad mummy, I know.
      Blouses are super cute, but I hate ironing so I'm a t-shirt fan as well!

  2. Is that elastic through the shoulders? Such a lovely top, and so much nicer than a boring old t-shirt or polo. That fabric is beautiful - so no red icy poles for A!

    1. Yep, elastic. there are little channels made with bias strips. I've seen people turn this one into a dress and it looks fantastic! No icy poles, cake icing, bolognaise sauce... the list goes on (I suck at laundry :) )

  3. I love this look for everyday, not just costume.

    1. Oh me too, but in my experience she just never wears woven fabrics tops. :(


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