Tuesday 17 February 2015

Secret Valentine Exchange - receiving

I'm not usually lost for words....

... but seriously,.....

I'm struggling to express how absolutely delighted, and floored, I am by the Secret Valentine gift that I received in the post yesterday.

My gift was made for me by the uber-cool Monika of Schneidermeistern. As soon as I saw that blog name I knew it was familiar but couldn't immediately think why (embarrassing admission that I was only peripherally aware of just how awesome she is). then I realised: Schneidermeistern is the genius pattern designer behind this fabulous sweater dress and these insanely cool pants that I'd seen show up in Ute's Flickr stream.

So there's my second embarrassing admission: I'm still using Flickr, when, by all reports, it's dead, gone and buried. (as I learned just today :) thanks Janice)

So what's in the package that had me in raptures?...

Just the most awesome little zippered bag!

Not everyone gets excited about grey. But really, I totally do! And I mean, this is the most gorgeous charcoal with pinstripes, the zipper is brown (double love), and hang on, check out that BICYCLE!

Monika took inspiration from my blog logo and stitched a mountain bike for me! I am completely speechless. Not only is the idea brilliant, but she used a brand-new crazy, free motion quilting foot and just went for it, and nailed it! For the record I have one of those things and I find it so completely out of control. I am in awe.

From memory my snippets of personal information were as follows: Favourite colour - brown and grey, can't decide. Favourite fabrics: Neutrals and plain, natural fabrics. Linen, wool etc. Other: I like useful stuff, and "doing" things. I may have mentioned being bicycle mad, I can't recall, but it's pretty obvious once you follow the links to here.

Not very specific or useful on the hobbies was I? But check this out for usefulness:

The lining is a waxed canvas, making this little bag simply THE BEST toiletries travel bag ever. And yep, the lining is a kind of taupe-y beige! I couldn't be happier!!

But wait, what's that in the bottom of the bag?...

A little zippered pouch! Also lined in the same polka dot waxed canvas, and with a little Schneidermeistern tag. Honestly, it couldn't be better. This is exactly the right size for a large phone, some coffee money and ID card and is exactly what every cyclist needs in their jersey pocket - While I know my phone would be perfectly protected by the waxed canvas, I'm just not sure I could bear to get the outsides of it sweaty! It's beautiful.

Of course, the pouch wasn't empty either!...

It contained a little packet of tea and some rock sugar. The kids were suddenly very interested in my gift and were about to relieve me of my sugar lumps, when I opened the card and found the instructions for the perfect cup of East Frisian tea. Apparently three cups is just the right amount and so those sugar lumps are all mine (rack off kids!)

And at that moment Flipper came home and was obviously genuinely impressed. If you have one of those non-committal-craft-disinterested partners you'll agree that their enthusiasm is indeed the highest praise there is.

I can't say enough how grateful I am for the gift and how flattered I am by the thoughtfulness that went into it. It's perfect, and I truly am speechless (did I say that already?). I managed to string together a few words straight away and got myself an Instagram profile (lightningmcstitch) so that I could comment on Monika's photo of the gift. And of course stalk her and all the cool kids that hang there. The Secret Valentine makers won me over. Instagram really is a great way to share photos of what you're creating. Check out all the Secret Valentine makes by searching for #2015sve, or here via that ole workhorse Flickr.

Thanks Schneidermeistern!


  1. It IS gorgeous!

  2. oh how cool, she put so much thought into it and it seems so YOU! handmade gifts from fellow sewers are really the greatest. gotta find you on instagram now, woohoo!

  3. Bicycle!!!

    Most excellent gift. I am very envious of the skill that went into it.

  4. What a perfect gift! And I'll still hang out on Flickr with you, Shelley. But then again I'm a seriously slow adopter of anything new :)

  5. What an awesome gift - how cool is it that she personalized it with your bike logo? Love it!
    I hadn't yet caught on to the fact that Flickr is on the verge of extinction, which is a bit of a drag since I currently have 3,208 photos hanging out there. I don't know if I'm cool enough for Instagram - I don't actually have a cellphone - smart or otherwise. Does it make any sense to have an account when all my photos are taken with an SLR (and an old one with no wireless capabilities at that ;-)

  6. Absolutely gorgeous gift and your bike stitched by free motion embroidery, omg!

  7. Such a great gift. I too get very excited about gray. This pin stripe is just perfect, particularly with that amazing bike.

    So glad you're on instagram! I suspect you will have some interesting process photos to share.


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