Saturday 14 June 2014

Made for kid's month.

Hot on the heels of Me Made May (for which I have an insufficient homemade wardrobe to join in, 'lest you should all realise I wear the same few things most of the time anyway) comes Made For Kid's Month.

This is one where I felt I wouldn't have to do a thing to be joining in. My kids are dressed almost entirely, almost everyday, by things that I have made, and the knitwear that I can't do is lovingly supplied by very talented mother in law.

Take today for example:

We got up in time to watch Australia get clobbered by Chile in the World Cup while eating breakfast. I have a new definition of annoying: Trying to explain the offside rule to small children when your country's desperately needed goal has just been ruled offside. I ended up with "because the referee said so and no, life is not fair". The kids did seem fascinated by the theatrics of rolling around in agony when you may, or may not, have been slightly touched by another players boot. That's something small kids seem to understand just fine!

The pyjamas are the Oliver + S Bedtime Story pattern. P's have been seen previously, but when A spotted some novelty flannel at Spotlight there was nothing else for it but to make her a pair. I'd drafted off the size 2 way back when I made P's pair so I just added an inch of length everywhere and they fit just fine, and have been in high rotation already.

Then they got dressed:

Again, all Oliver + S patterns (can you guess I have a bit of a pattern fixation?!). The other pattern that gets a lot of use round here is the Flashback Skinny T and Rae is the other wonderful designer behind Made for Kid's Month. Between the three of us these kids are dressed for June!
What I can't keep up with, or get my head around, is taking pictures and uploading them everyday. The pictures may be sporadic but the handmade stuff is everyday! Lots of other people are snapping pictures on a regular basis and it's lovely seeing them pop into my Flickr feed. Go check out the Made for Kid's Month Flickr pool, and if you know this means, stick the hashtag #madeforkidsmonth on your pictures during June. I'm loving all the inspiration for everyday kid's clothes!


  1. I must make those pj's. The pattern is languishing on my shelf.
    I love that second photo, they look as if they are about to run off in different directions and cause havoc!

  2. I'm impressed! Oddly, even thought I'd made a million things for Miss, she doesn't wear them too often. I need to re tackle knits. I think she'd like that more.

  3. Oh my daughter wears almost everything mummy-made too :)

  4. I agree May was tricky for me, but this month has been fun to play along with since it is almost no effort. I have been surprised tracking that while I thought I sewed a decent variety one of my kids has an item made from one specific shop on almost every day!

  5. they are so cute! agree about the photos - at least one kid is in handmade every day but i kinda feel bad making them pose for me. but i love making the mental note that they ARE in handmades at least! it's fun.

  6. Well aren't those two just the sweetest! They remind me of J and Indigo at that age, wearing that same pajama pattern! They kind of resemble them at that age, too!

    I'm with you on the photos, girl! Same situation here!

  7. I love the second photo.And I am getting around to wanting to make the skinny tee, after looking at your photos. It's so impressive how you are diligently working on the madeforme month. I have barely taken a picture, while my daughter has happily mostly worn what I made :-) too bad, no pictures, so I hear you there.


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