Monday 20 January 2014

LEGO convention 2014

We're off on holiday tomorrow but I thought I'd share one last thing that I made this week before I go.

P got a new shirt for going to the annual LEGO convention. This was the last yard of my LOVE bricks Spoonflower order from last year. (other LEGO fabric creations here, here, here, and here) Sadly it's no longer available on Spoonflower. Thankfully A's Jump Rope dress still fits her OK and while she's hardly worn it at all since last year the idea of "event" dressing seems to have taken hold and she was very willing to wear it today.

I'm not going to allow myself to rant too much about the Burda pattern the shirt was made with, but I'm amazed that, given it was the first shirt pattern I ever used, I continued with sewing at all. You know those letters to my teenage self that people are fond of writing? As I was sewing this dreadful pattern I was composing a letter to my novice sewing self circa 2009 explaining how one day I would learn how to set a sleeve in with gathering stitches (none suggested here) or clip the seam allowances of a collar to help it attach smoothly. This beginner rated pattern gives no such help at any of the difficult stages. Rant over, I could go all night. Next time, I'll omit the back yoke and add sleeve tabs and patch pockets to the Sketchbook pattern.

So a sad farewell to my stash of LEGO fabric, a gleeful farewell to Burda whatever-your-number-is and a fond, temporary farewell to you dear blog reader(s).

.... and in very exciting news, I've lined up my first ever guest poster for later next week.


  1. Exciting! I've gone back and forth on the jump rope dress, but I think you just sold me :)

  2. so so so cute!!!!! I love the coordinating clothes.

  3. Could they be any cuter?! I love that Jump Rope dress, and yes, you could easily adapt the Sketchbook shirt to look like that. Kick that Burda pattern to. the. curb.

  4. Eek! Such cuties you have! The shirt still looks amazing. I have mangled 2 Burda patterns. I could keep up with your rants and then some. Love the jump rope dress! I think that will be my next O+S pattern to try. Enjoy the LEGO convention!

  5. oh, they look so adorable together! Kudos on plugging away at a Burda pattern - I'm frankly scared by them! But sewing with an O & S dress . . . always a delight! Love it sewn up in that green fabric:) Have a lovely time away!

  6. I hate Burda. They have all these tantalisingly beautiful patterns with appallingly minimal instructions... so you deserve an extra big well done for sewing one! Both kids' outfits are divine.

  7. these are soo cute! i'm wondering - what did you think of the quality of your spoonflower fabric? i have placed two orders from spoonflower - one recently and one several years ago - and the quality of the fabric i received was so poor. it was very stiff, felt cheap, and faded a lot. i love the concept behind spoonflower, but i'm afraid to try it again. :/

    1. Yep, sadly that's been my experience also. This is their Kona cotton and sadly, where it creases when washed the print seems to fade when it dries. Last year's multi-coloured LEGO shirt is so faded. Partly cause I washed it with dark jeans then used colour-run remover which of course took off half the print as well. I think the green dress is only still OK cause it's hardly been worn or washed. I'm the same, love the concept but can't rate it as everyday wash and wear fabric.


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