Sunday 24 March 2013

I have half an asymmetrical pattern piece....

... and it's all in Japanese and apart from a few words (helpful things from primary school like fox, cow and horse) I don't speak, or read, any Japanese.
Here's what I want to make:
Super cute, isn't it. It's from one of the books in the Heartwarming Life series by Yuki Araki.

And here's the conundrum: this is the pattern piece for the back of the top of the dress.
Obviously that's only half a pattern piece, right? And I would cut it on the fold. But here's the layout for cutting, which then shows the seam allowances required:
Hang on a moment, the front and back are not cut on the fold and the back piece (I can't read the Japanese for "back" I'm just assuming it's the one with the higher neckline!) looks distinctly asymmetrical. How about a close up of that...
My guess, was that I should cut one back shoulder with an extra 1.5cm added to the pattern piece and then a 2cm seam allowance on top of that. the other shoulder was cut with the regular pattern piece and 1cm seam allowance. The rectangular piece at the bottom was to be the collar and so I figured to do the same. Add 1.5cm to the pattern piece and then another 2cm seam allowance.
I've sewn the dress up to the point of attaching the skirt, and you know what, it's worked perfectly.
I think I got it right!
I'll finish it off, make a cute bag to match and be ready for Japanese (successful) pattern sewing week tomorrow.


  1. I think you are going to be very handy!
    I have a lovely book on my shelf that I pull out,read while drinking tea and then put back again.....

    1. I just finished the dress and it is so gorgeous. I'd wear a big version myself. Dive in it's fun! The more of us that are thrashing around in the pool the better, no?


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