Monday 23 December 2019

See You At Six pullover

I've always quite liked this particular See You At Six French terry, and when it went on sale on Cup Day at Fibresmith I snapped some up.

It's a lovely neutral green-grey colour (Climbing Ivy Green) with black print that says "Growing Ideas in the Garden of Your Mind". His little sister thinks that's creepy cause it's growing ideas in your mind, as in the mind of the person who reads the words on your sweater. She thinks it should read my mind.

I bought some of the matching ribbing and quickly and easily sewed up a Jalie 3355 just like the one I'd made in June for his birthday.

Rather than just do the stitching at the neckline, I figured it wouldn't hurt to add a little section of the ribbing as a sort of applique and then stitch it down. My regular sewing machine was off having a service, so I had to make do with the decorative stitches on the back up Toyota machine. There wasn't one that really looked like what I wanted, but I guess this one still looks alright.

The modelling shoot was kind of funny. First, we decided it was best not to sit in such a way that drew attention to the big scab on your knee...

Then there was some elaborate dance routine that would probably be recognisable to anyone less unhip than I am...

Which ended with him giving himself the giggles....

There you go. Cute kid .New long sleeved top. Enough said.

Pattern: Jalie 3355
Size: O - no modifications
Fabric: See You At Six French terry from Fibresmith, matching ribbing


  1. Please tell me, I know this fabric says not to tumble dry but do you seriously not put it in the dryer?!?

    1. I seriously don't put anything in a dryer :)
      We have so much sunshine that using an electric powered tumble dryer just seems like a bad move to me. Oh, and I'm hopelessly lazy at laundry, so I've no doubt that if I DID use a tumble dryer I'd end up not sorting properly and ruining a no-tumble-dry garment!

    2. Ok thank you! I live in Washington and it is so wet, dark and humid here I just can't imagine line drying cotton in the winter...I may just give it a shot and see what happens! The sweatshirt is lovely by the way!

  2. Great looking pullover and the modelling shots are perfect.


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