Also known as the "about me" or "view my complete profile" page. Here are the specs:

Me: mid 70's release. Height 170cm, sewing size: anywhere from a 10 to an 18, name the pattern company and I'll hazard a guess.... I started sewing just before my son was born in 2008.

Truth is, I'm a pretty private person. Here on the blog, you'll find sewing projects, and the occasional hint at what else I do, but mostly it's a place for me to document what I've been making. Did it work well? Did it fit? Do I like it? Would I recommend you do it too?

The blog title does give a bit away in that, apart from sewing, I'm a bicycle nut. I hardly ever hit the singletrack anymore, but I still love my mountain bikes, and my road bikes, and my commuter, and my single speed, my cargo bike, my front porch bike....

My bikes: 2001 De Rosa Merak (road), 2008 Scott Addict SL (road), 2008 Scott Scale 10 (mtb), 2005 Seven Sola Ti (mtb), 1981 Spokesman single speed, 2010 cargocycles cargo bike, 2013 Scott Sub10 (commuter)*, 2007 hard waste pick up, indeterminate age/brand (front porch bike)
*Oct 2016 edit: Some f*#k'er stole the Scott Sub10, so after a brief period of mourning it's been replaced by a Breezer Beltway 8 - Sweet!

Who else is on the team? My wonderful husband is referred to as Flipper. It's a joke purely for the blog and it's quite complimentary really: "they call him Flipper, Flipper, Flipper, faster than Lightning..." And he is faster than me, and always has been. Then there are the main recipients of what I sew; my two gorgeous, infuriating and delightful kids.

Mostly I'm just loving sewing things. I started out making clothes for my kids. I haven't purchased anything for them except socks and underpants for quite a while now. I'm also venturing into sewing for myself.

The machines: 2007 Janome Sewist 521, 2013 Bernina 700D overlocker, 2014 Toyota ECO26B (lucky draw prize and back up basic sewing machine)

Thanks for visiting. I try to follow up all comments with an emailed reply, and I'm always clicking on people's links and appreciating all the awesome sewing that's out there.

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