Monday 30 December 2019

end of year gymnastics...

It would be nice to have all of the 2019 makes on the blog before the end of the year.

But I can see that won't happen as there's a good few that aren't even photographed yet.

And if I'm honest, I can barely remember some of the details of things I've made.

The end of term gymnastics show involved a routine set to the Pink Panther theme song, and required a pink top and white bottoms.

Of course she had neither of those things, and amazingly my fabric stash had neither of the fabrics I wanted. I'm sure there's some thick, white, stretch poly-something left over from the Evel Knievel suit but it was not to be found. So I shopped cheaply.

The t-shirt style was dictated to me (you know how it goes) and so I used the School Bus t-shirt as the block. I've added a ruffle to the sleeves and scooped out the back neck, finishing the neckline with binding rather than a neckband and adding the cross straps. The angle/position of those is not quite as it should be but did I care enough? No sir.

The shorts are the Nature Walk shorts, already traced off as swim trunks and super quick to sew.

I'm writing this on my phone (first time, so I'll be very curious to see the formatting) out at my mother's house. She's just had me sew some basic cushion covers....

I need to pin her down to photograph her Christmas gift jacket. It's much more interesting...


  1. Perfect outfit for Pink Panther and only you know about the straps.

    Formatting looks perfect and I am so behind on my blogging, I think I will do an end of year (minus photos) and then move everything over to Wordpress.

  2. I love to see the many ways you have hacked this pattern!


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