Thursday 26 September 2013

Selfish Sewing Week: Karma

It would appear that "Selfish" is indeed a sin and sinners do get punished. Or, for the other atheists out there, I am f***ing unlucky at the moment!

A 'brief interruption" to my power supply for a compulsory meter replacement turned into a 24hr blackout after a fault was detected, which of course was rectified slowly and at great expense to us.
(yep, the selfish sewing week beers are all warm at our house now, and the milk smells pretty bad!)

This selfish sewer is gingerly firing up the machines again today to see if I can catch up a bit.....

And I suspect I'll be sewing some very narrow seams on my guess-the-size-according-to-vanity-and-ignore-the-tape-measure Lisette dress. Oops.


  1. Oh too funny, sorry, I know it's wrong to laugh but how freaking typical!

  2. Apparently the beer is better at room temperature anyway (brings out the flavours more...) but I don't know how you survived those 24hours with the sewing machine taunting you in the blackout!? I probably would have chewed my arm off in frustration.


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