Tuesday 17 September 2013

Monday 16th September: You will not beat me

Today was one of those days.

It started out like any other, getting kids dressed, breakfasted, making lunches, kindy snacks, barely time for my own breakfast then out the door, on the bike, on my way to work.

Then a lady in an SUV ran me down with her car. At the stop sign that I'd just stopped at, she gave way to traffic on her right, traffic on her left but completely forgot about the cyclist in front of her and drove into me, running over my bike (phenomenally stupid, lady). My right leg went down with the bike but luckily not quite under the car and I have a swelling on the inside of my knee about the same size as one of those on Dolly Parton's chest.

My bike sadly, doesn't look so pretty either. It was only about two months old. I bought it to replace the one seen here which I wrote off by driving into the garage with it on the roof of the car in a flu induced fug (stupid me).

A man kindly took my bike into his house for the day while the ambos patched me up, the police took notes and then a taxi took me home.

I drove out this afternoon to collect the bike, put it on the roof and then drove home. You guessed it, straight into the garage door again (phenomenally stupid, me). Luckily only minor damage to the roof rack and none to the car and no (further) damage to the already partially mangled bike.

The rest of the day went as usual. Kids under foot, grabbing the watermelon leg, demanding all that get down and play that was just excruciatingly impossible.

Post bedtime, I thought I'd unwind with a bit of sewing. Plugged the sewing machine in and flash; the light bulb blew. No worries I thought, I'm prepared for this. Last time the bulb blew I bought two new ones so I'd have a spare for such emergencies. Unscrew the cover, put the new bulb in, turn the machine on and flash; the bulb blew with a huge spark and tripped the house safety switch plunging us into darkness. I vacuumed up the bits of light bulb and left my darling Flipper to extricate the broken bulb as I was convinced by this stage that I was destined to end up in hospital somehow today and trying to unscrew a broken light bulb was just tempting fate.

I sewed in semidarkness and attached the waistband to probably the most awesome pair of pants I'll ever make. Then I realised I'd run out of the right width elastic so I did have to call it quits after all.

But here's a little teaser photo, and with that, at fifteen minutes to midnight I'm declaring this day done and going to bed. let's hope I get there safely! :)

Would you believe me if I said the computer crashed trying to upload an image and had to be rebooted, twice. Oh goodnight!


  1. Oh no! Not the bike!

    Wow, you were lucky the stupid lady didn't cause more damage. I hope you mend quickly!

    And sometimes you realise you just shouldn't get out of bed.... Sounds like this was one of those days

    1. (Oh no! Not the bike!) My first thoughts too! It was a great bike. Lovely shade of electric green that I'd been told by a friend who'd spotted me out and about was "really visible on the road" (rolls eyes)
      Given how yesterday panned out I could have had a heart attack in bed if I'd stayed there! :) May as well get up and play. Thanks for the sympathy

  2. Sounds like a horribly rough day. I hope tomorrow is better!

    I like the sneak peek!

    1. Thanks Cindy. Today has already taken a turn for the brilliant as the boss called just as we were piling into the car to carpool to work(s) and daycare and told me to stay home and rest. Home alone! Yay!!!
      I've really impressed myself with these pants and can't wait to share them.

  3. Holy s-word! Alexander's mom was right. People in Australia can indeed have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.
    (Although I've heard in the Oz version of this book the reference is Timbuktu.)
    Hope your legs mends quickly. Too bad about your bike.

    1. Thanks Deb. I think I've heard of the terrible, no good, very bad day book, but haven't read it yet. Funny to think that we (Australians) are to you guys as the folk from Timbuktu are to us. Although I'd say, at the moment, people from Mali have terrible, no good, very bad days on a scale that puts my minor mishaps to shame!

  4. Hope your leg is on the mend, the bike is fixable (or replaceable) and that the pants are finished without further mishap. I want to see them, the teaser picture looks great.

  5. YIKES! What a crap day. I hope your leg is okay and there's some way to get the SUV lady to pay for you to get a new bike. Grrr.

  6. Oh, what a yucky day to have endured!! So glad, of course, that you were not more seriously hurt (though I'm sure your knee would beg to differ), but what a bummer about your bike. And really - about all of it. Why is it that "those days' sometimes happen? When the trajectory seems to be downward and nothing works to pull you out? Hoping that the rest of your week has improved:) And that pocket looks amazing!

  7. Ok, I am just catching up with your blog and hoping this day is all a distant memory for you. What a nightmare. So sorry.


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