Wednesday 17 January 2018

2 + 2 and a winner makes ...?!

Rather than just announce the winner of the Seashore Sundress pattern giveaway (and I will, but you have to be patient) I thought I'd share another Oliver + S make with you.

If you haven't noticed already I'm quite a fan of their patterns, which I guess is what lead to me buying the Seashore Sundress pattern twice by mistake! I'm on a mission to use up all the odd sized bits of fabric I have and I thought there might be enough of the chambray I'd made my Soho Shorts from to make a skirt for A.

I pretty much let her pick the pattern from my Oliver + S shelf but I confess to having guided her towards the 2+2 skirt. I hadn't made it for such a long time.

In fact here's the last time... You ready for a pretty funny flashback?....

She'll kill me when she sees that photo, but it cracks me up. So the last time I made the skirt was the size 18-24m for my 20 month old. And here I was tracing off a size 6 with 8 length. Wow, time flies.

I suddenly had the urge to make the top again too, so I traced off both, then went hunting for some fabric remnants that would fit the top pattern. Now, it's confession time... In three goes at making this top I haven't once done it "right". Every time I've used a knit, and cut the back pattern piece on the fold (omitting the inch and a half that is the button placket and overlap). It makes it more of a t-shirt than a blouse. But it's a pretty T-shirt alright.

I only had enough of the chambray to do the patch and not the bias neck ties or the bias sleeve facings, so they were cut from the fabulous Zonen09 beetle knit remnant (previously used here). And in doing that I perfectly finished off that remnant with nothing to spare either. So satisfying.

I stitched the inside of the pleats down to about halfway so that there's a guide there for ironing them, but to be honest she has been grabbing this skirt straight off the clothesline and putting it back on immediately each time it's been washed. It's yet to even make it to the ironing pile (where things are known to dwell for a long, long time)

She was very keen to show you the side placket of the skirt. There are two hand sewn snaps and then the button to close. But to be honest, there's enough give in the elastic waist and I think the plackets could easily be omitted and the side seams sewn straight through if you were feeling like a quicker sew.

There's plenty of growing room in this outfit and I like it enough that I could jump straight back in and make another, but next up was lots of swimwear for our upcoming summer holiday.

Meanwhile, let's see who gets the Seashore Sundress pattern: Flipper helped out by plugging the numbered comments into a random number generator and it came up with comment number 4, which fits very nicely with the 2+2 theme of the blog post!

Congratulations Jessica. I'll email you directly for your address then post it off.

Pattern: Oliver + S 2+2 blouse and skirt
Size: 6 with length of 8
Modifications: I cut the blouse back on the fold (remove 1&1/2" for the 1" placket and 1/2" overlap)
Fabrics: Cotton chambray remnant and Zonen09 Beetle knit originally from Maaidesign


  1. Cute, especially the skirt! I've made up the top several times but never the skirt because I knew I wouldn't be up to ironing it every time it came out of the wash ...

  2. Oh, I love this pattern! I've made the top twice, but the skirt only once. I was thinking of it in corduroy ... maybe I'll have to get on that.

  3. Two great pieces for A and love the 2nd photo, that grin. So good to hear A is enjoying the skirt.

  4. Oh my goodness that photo is amazing! She is really looking so grown up recently, isn't she? Is she still a mini-you or is that changing as she grows?

  5. What a cute flashback! She has certainly changed. Lovely outfit, and great how it suits a toddler and an older girl equally well!


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