Thursday 16 November 2017

Butterflies and Hula Hoops

It's not all about me.

If you're new to my blog that might be a surprise. If you know the blog you've probably been wondering who this showboating mum is who never seems to sew for her kids anymore....

So let me reintroduce myself: Hi, I'm Shelley, I sew for my kids and mostly sew Oliver + S patterns. Ah, that's better.

Nothing makes me more inclined to sew an Oliver + S pattern than the looming deadline of some other unknown, possibly tricky pattern. Of course, part of my "procrasticrafting" before sewing my Frocktails dress was going to involve some Oliver + S sewing. They're like the amuse-bouche of patterns, but they're also so darn satisfying that you could forego the main course and just go to bed satisfied.

I've also been on a bit of a kick to use up fabric that is languishing in my stash. So I pulled out a quilting cotton (last used way back here) and a cotton batiste to make the Hula Hoop Skirt and the Butterfly Blouse.

I've previously made the Butterfly Skirt but this was my first time with the blouse. What a perfect girl's top. Enough coverage but still frilly and fun. It's a straightforward sew with nice clean finishes and generally an absolute joy to make. My armhole bindings could have been a fraction longer but binding puckering will not make me lose sleep ;).

And we finally found a place for that single rainbow button that had been waiting for a garment to hitch up with.

The top is size 6 with the length of size 7 - exactly as per her measurements and it's a perfect fit.

The Hula Hoop skirt is a digital only pattern and with the sewing of this one I can now say I've finally sewn all the Skirt patterns by Oliver + S. As you make them each one becomes your new favourite.

This one is certainly a big hit with the kid. It's twirly enough, comfy to wear, and the bonus is that it's completely reversible so you get two skirts in one.

We had just found these Converse boots on a sale table and she is love with them. She's convinced she looks like a "high school kid" in her outfit. Slow down honey, you're only in grade 1! (sobbing)

The skirt is a straight size 6 and while I've heard comments that it runs a bit short (especially in the toddler sizes?) I love the shape and fit. The drop waist is kind of retro but then the flirty, pleated flounce is just gorgeous. It's such a quick skirt to sew I must remember to make more each summer.

I suspect she'll remind me!

Patterns : Oliver + S Hula Hoop Skirt and Butterfly Blouse (also worn with Class Picnic blouse)
Fabrics: Stashed cotton
Sewing satisfaction rating : 10/10 - procrasticrafting at it's best


  1. Oh HELLO old friend!! LOL! Okay, I am almost done reading a book called the Art of Procrastination. It's very short and absolutely delightful. Basically, it's all about "structured procrastination," where you are very productive procrastinating more dreaded tasks. Reading this book (to avoid Parade's End by Ford Maddox Ford, naturally) made me realize that having a big, dreaded, long project on the list (like Parade's End) to procrastinate actually increases my productivity and overall reading, because I read 30 books this year and half were to avoid War and Peace, and now the other half Parade's End! I think that this idea can be applied to work, to sewing, to everything. Since I have several items to sew for the preschool auction, I suddenly MUST drop everything and make Maggie a bunny in a carrot (check out the Ikat Bag blog - ETC. Anyway, procrastination sewing - it's real, and it probably accounts for 75% of my output. This helps me to be more grateful for the less fun projects that I am procrastinating, because without them, I wouldn't have anything to procrastinate and I surely would not do as much.

    Maybe this is a new explanation for my period loss of sew-jo, when everything seems like a chore ... okay, I need to write my own post about this!

    I LOVE her shoes and the clothes are so fun! Very appropriate for summertime (now I'm sobbing).

    1. Ha ha, Hi Inder!
      I am in no doubt that the bigger and more unpleasant the deadline the more I can do in an effort to avoid it. A few years back, during a protracted fencing dispute with a nasty neighbour, the very thought of drafting a letter to them would have me diving into a complicated fancy dress for the girl instead! It's a real thing, that's for sure.
      I wonder if that's where the perception that busy people get so much more done comes from - really, they're just faffing around doing stuff to avoid doing the one thing they really need to get on with.
      next time you lose your sew-jo, I'll send you my shoe box full of receipts and you can do my tax return, right?! :)

  2. Miss A is growing up and looks quite grown up with her new blouse and skirts and those boots are perfect.

    1. Oh she is Sharon! She's home quarantined from school this week with chickenpox and I think we'll be doing a big wardrobe sort through tomorrow. Some of her dresses are getting indecently short, and that's without all the spots peeking out! :)

  3. Awww she looks so cute (and I'm with you on the sobbing bit as they grow older!). Every time you sew an Oliver + S pattern, I think that I need to stop whatever I'm doing and make it, too. I love the skirt; it might have been the first O+S pattern I tried. And the top....well, I love flutters, so maybe I should get printing :)

    1. Oh that's sweet Emi. I have the same reaction every time Gail sews her annual Jump Rope Dress, or so many other examples. your girls would love the butterfly blouse and it's a lovely top to sew. Go for it.

  4. Perhaps it come from having so many babies? I find I do the sh*tty jobs first ;)

    This is a cute, fun outfit that is great for active play.

    Tilly is so keen for converse, she has a few pairs waiting but as she is still in a size 11 she will be waiting.

    1. Oooh, you've reminded me we have a pair of black Doc Marten boots in size 13 that will soon be outgrown. i should send them on. Seriously cool!

    2. Ding, ding, ding, winner!
      I will send a post pack.
      Thank you.


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