Thursday 4 September 2014

Little Things to Sew : Cover to Cover Challenge - and the winner is.....

So now it's time to draw the prize for one of the Cover to Cover Challenge sewers...

Remember this?

The Fabric Stash is kindly giving one of you the chance to splurge on some of their wonderful fabrics. There is some beautiful fabrics in the store, and if you shop the $6 bargain section you could score more than 8 yards of fabric!
Working from the final PDF scorecard I printed off everyone's names and put them into the hat.
Actually, with about 300 entries from 76 sewers, a Bucket Hat (project 5) wasn't big enough. So the names went into a Messenger Bag (project 4).
(NB: Juliamom2009 aka Janice who is our sponsor, and myself were not in the prize draw)
Then the kids got dressed and ready to help with the prize draw.....
A wears an Art Smock (project 10), Tutu (2), Mittens (1), Penguin Backpack (9) and Cozy Winter Hood (11)
P wear a Bias Trimmed Apron (6), Bear Carrier (18), Red Riding Hood (16), Bucket Hat (5), No-Tie Scarf as blindfold (3) and had assistance from the Bear Puppet (20)
Then, with as much pomp and ceremony as possible dressed up like that, they drew the winner from the Messenger Bag (4) while standing on the Travel Quilt (15) in front of the Puppet Theatre backdrop (21)....
And the winner is.....

She had completed 9 of the potential 21 projects. Here is Elizabeth on Flickr. Go check out her beautiful Art Smock and the cutest baby in a bib ever!
And her blog, with more of those beautiful kids is here
Congratulations Elizabeth. I hope you enjoy a shopping spree courtesy of The Fabric Stash!


  1. What a great ending to an inspiring challenge. Congratulations to Elizabeth!!

  2. How exciting! I loved this challenge and look forward to finishing all the projects eventually, even if it takes a couple years :). And your kids in all the clothes with all those props takes the cake for cutest and funniest blog post I've read in a long time!

  3. so fun you had the kids involved in the picking of the winner:) Congrats to Lizzieville!


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