Tuesday 10 June 2014

Little Things To Sew: Cover to Cover Challenge - tutus!!

We're well into June and I apologise (to wagyu burger) for being tardy with the monthly Cover to Cover Challenge updated scoreboard. It takes more than a bit of fairy dust to update that PDF

One of the most popularly sewn projects in the book is number 2: The Tutu

Here's the updated PDF scoreboard where you'll see the tutu has been completed by 26 of our Little Things sewists. Second only to the Bucket Hat which 29 of us have made. However, I couldn't find a single photo of a kid wearing both at once!

While we all love sewing them, if you read the Flickr and blog comments, our little budding ballerinas seem diverse in their reactions to them. I'm not the only one whose tutu was flatly rejected at first. Thankfully some kids (my son included, and perhaps now my daughter) think they are divine.

I've made a couple of mosaics from the Flickr pool to inspire you if you haven't sewn one yet

1: Skirt as Top 2: Sara.cali 3: Rebecca 4: Skirt as Top
5: Sarah b 6: jennyp0208 7: thepeahead 8: craikabula
9: beanniequilts 10: J.wo-sews 11: mamaknowles03 12: mile571acre


I love the difference the ribbon colour can make and how even just one layer of an unexpected tulle colour can change the whole look of the tutu.

1: Megamora16 2: mynorth 3: forkandneedle 4: 3 little ducks
5: lizzieville79 6: Island nana 7: girl like the sea 8: J.wo-sews
9: donnalynnbh 10: Robbin Bobbin 11: Island nana 12: jennyp0208 

Perhaps my favourite of all time was the stunning tutu by Supergail that formed the basis of a beautiful peacock costume. Check out the link if you've not seen it before, it's lovely!

If you haven't joined in yet. Click the button below to go to the original post where I lay out my crazy plan to make everything from the book and have other people sew along with me. Oh, and you can win a prize!


  1. I'll try to get a picture of my son wearing his shark bucket hat with the tutu for you!

  2. great job choosing such inspiring images from the flickr pool! so much awesomeness!

  3. Great post! I have been meaning to make my daughter another one seeing she has out grown hers, very inspiring!


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