Wednesday 5 March 2014

Little Things To Sew: Cover to Cover Challenge - First to finish!

Let's all be upstanding for a moment and offer up a huge round of applause for our first finisher in the Little Things To Sew: Cover to Cover Challenge.

Sharon of Sweet Pea and Pumkins has finished off all 21 projects with a gorgeous springtime Travel Quilt

As she caught her breath at the finish line I conducted a quick interview.....

Q: As a sewer, what was your favourite project in the book?
A: The Art Smock! It sewn up ever so clever and what a lovely finish it has to it.
Q: Which project was the favourite from the kid's point of view?
A: The kids favorite was the Puppet Theater with the "bath" mitt puppets by far. All the kids have had hours of fun with them, quiet hours of all five kids getting along. ; )  (Edit: if that doesn't make everyone want to sew one I don't know what would!)
Q: Were there any projects that you found difficult or got stuck on? If so, why?
A: I would say the Bento Box Carrier. When I started Sweet Pea's two years ago I remember being a bit frustrated so I never finished it up but when I made Prince C's last week it went so much smoother. My sewing skills must have gotten better over two years, either that or it might of been one of those late night, no sleep sewing projects.
Q: Were there any projects that you wouldn't have made except for the Cover to Cover Challenge and the need to make them all? Which one(s)?
A: The Travel Quilt might of never been sewn if not for this challenge. When reading the instructions and seeing all those almost identical pieces seem a bit mind boggling at first. I am very glad I made it now, as long as I had ever single piece marked and laid out right it went together with no problems. I am planning on making another for one for myself! (thanks for the encouragement Shelley!!)  (Edit: You're welcome. I feel a bit less weird if other people are sewing things they don't really need too!)

Q: Would you be happy, uninterested or horrified if there was ever a Little Things To Sew Volume II?
A: I would be excited for another challenge!! Bring it on. : )
Q: And finally, what's next?
A: Sewing for Easter is next on my list, four Art Museum outfits with four sketchbook shirt for the boys and a lovely dress for me, the dress coming first.
 How silly of me to think she might have a little rest!

Well, just in case Sharon had run out of little things to sew, Liesl and Todd of Oliver + S have kindly offered TWO Straight Stitch Society patterns of her choice as a First Finisher prize!

You've got to love sewing patterns that come with their own manifesto and membership card!

While someone had to finish first the rest of us should keep our sewing machines busy because every unique pattern project submitted to the Flickr pool scores one entry into the main prize draw at the end of August.

And since I initially invited anyone who wanted to, to "go all the way with me" (and trust me, I am so delighted when I see those little buttons popping up on blogs! Grab one here if you're just joining in now)

I figured Sharon should get a button for her blog...

...declaring that she did go all the way...

...and that she came first!

Although I might be the only one childish enough to find that hilarious!

So here's another button Sharon, in case you don't fancy the double entendre: 


Here's all of Sharon's projects rounded up from the Flickr group where I can see Mile571acr has passed With love, Heidi and I to be the next potential finisher. There's lots of inspirational sewing in that pool. Congratulations again to Sharon and happy sewing everyone!


  1. Thanks so much Shelley! I love both buttons! The first being so funny but I sooo have to use it. ; )
    Thank you so much for hosting this challenge for without you I never would have made all the projects in this book. : ) Thanks for all the hard work!

    1. You're welcome! It was a real treat to see such a performance! You out-sewed us all

  2. Congrats to Sharon. What a huge accomplishment! And look at all the wonderful things that were sewn!

  3. Wow! Great work Sharon - and I love the buttons, Shelley. I need to get my skates on and finish some more projects.

  4. I forgot to mention that I totally agree with you about the Art Smock, it's my favorite one & has professional finishing touches.

  5. Nice work and great to hear from Sharon directly about the challenges of this little challenge! It's a bit like hearing the winner of Miss World say a few things immediately after being crowned!!! Although I like Sharon's prizes far more than the modeling contract or free hair products for a year....
    If I'd known there was going to be a special button about coming first I'd have tried harder, for sure. That button almost needs to have its very own blog post because it is so good (It's almost as good as getting 2 straight stitch society patterns).
    However, I did laugh loudly when I read the button and I didn't think it very appropriate to 'share with the group' of workmates I'm with.... oops...

    1. Since I know what you lot do at work I'm not surprised you were surfing the net. Sorry if I caused anyone to notice.
      I'll happily receive suggestions for buttons for the rest of us....

  6. Congratulations Sharon! What an inspiration to us all :)

  7. Congrats to Sharon - wow! She could be the O & S spokesperson:)


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