Sunday 20 December 2020

Speedy Christmas Pyjamas

 I couldn't resist these cute Christmas knit prints that were on sale at RubyJam recently

1m of each is enough for a short sleeved T-shirt (Oliver + S School bus tee) and a pair of pull on shorts (Oliver + S playtime leggings) - and should somebody have a Christmas season baby there's probably enough leftover for a novelty romper!

The ribbings were whatever colour there was enough of in the fabric stash. By putting ribbed cuffs everywhere instead of hems, they're super quick to sew. Not even sew to be honest - bang out on the overlocker is a more fitting description.

Both kids got size 12 (cause it was traced off and ready to go) for top and bottoms with just adjustments for their preferred leg/sleeve length.

Quick and cute and Christmas ready.

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