Monday 21 December 2020

New Liesl + Co Patterns

Sometime earlier this year (who knows what time means anymore and this year seems like 5 years rolled into one) I tested a couple of patterns for Liesl + Co.

First up was the Easton Cowl Neck Tee - A simple long, or short, sleeved t-shirt, but with a lovely draping front cowl neck. there are options to finish the back neck with a wider facing, or a narrow bias strip. Whichever floats your boat.

I was down for testing view B, the short sleeved, bas finished option. I chose a fabric that suited the pattern, but that I wasn't hugely fond of, which seems the smartest if you're genuinely testing a pattern (if you're trying to seek blogging fame and fortune by getting invited on pattern tours that's a different matter entirely, go ahead, cut your liberty jersey. Whatevs)

Being in strict lockdown, and living in a pretty shabby rental the fit photographs were in front of a sheet in the back yard. But the top is good.

This was my size as per measurements with B cup size and no alterations.

The fabric was remnant that was gifted to me and it's perfect for this top, and if I had an office-y job that required fancy t-shirts I'd have perfect workwear attire right here.

More to my taste, I immediately jumped in and made view A in a bamboo jersey from my stash.
This one has been worn a LOT.

The second pattern I tested wasn't one that immediately jumped out at me (but the ones I missed testing - boy do I love them, check out the Noord Sweatshirt and Yanaka Jacket), yet once I'd sewn it I loved it. I wear this shirt LOTS and LOTS.

At first I thought it was a bit "older" in it's styling (ha! Who am I if not "older" anyway), but I have really enjoyed wearing my Fitzroy Blouse and yes, I'm sure my mum will want a version too. But twinning with your mum is still cute, no?

This time I cut straight into some double gauze I had in my stash. The fabric came from Draper's Fabrics and I don't think I'd had anything particular in mind when I bought it. It seemed perfect for this shirt.

I trusted Liesl and jumped straight in to view A, in my standard size, cup size and no alterations.

the back is fairly standard shirt with a nice box pleat. the front has the curious shawl collar which is so much nicer to wear than I'd imagined from the lione drawing.

Then the views differ in the cuff treatment. view A has lots of pintucks to give a shirred cuff effect, whereas view B has a more straight up button cuff. I've flipped some of my double gauze out at the cuffs here, not sure what that's meant to show, but there you are.

I even had the perfect leftover slightly purple/blue buttons from Buttonmania from when I made my purple shirt. I've been wearing this shirt such a lot that I could definitely see myself making another.

I even tried getting some 'better" photos while wearing it in our new house (that's my east facing bedroom wall behind me)...

I like to sew (and collect) the paper patterns, so while I have a tester's copy of these two patterns in digital form, I'll be putting in my order to buy all four of the new patterns and have them arrive in the happy mail!

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  1. I was wondering if you were testing. The t-shirt is a great top with the slight cowl which makes it just a bit dressier and I do love the blouse shawl collar and the sleeve details. Now do you get to sleep past sunrise?


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