Monday 10 June 2013

Really quite excellent mum!

While I mostly sew things that I like, but that the kids have to wear, I'm not above buying a bit of affection by making something I know will be well received.

Exhibit A: Space Shuttle stencilled T-shirt, declared to be "really quite excellent".

The pattern is the Oliver + S Field Trip again (that's 5 now, and I've finally mastered the neckband!)

I merrily cut into the navy knit leftover from this dress without having noticed that I wouldn't have enough for the sleeves.

No worries, make it a T-Shirt I thought... in the middle of winter.... maybe not.

Luckily I'd kept the leftovers from when I cut up an old maternity long sleeved T- Shirt to make this dress and they were exactly the right length to add to my navy upper sleeves. Extra happy moment cause I could keep the original hems.

The paint I'd have to say I'm not so happy with. I bought Jones Tones metallic 3D paint from Spotlight. The body of the space shuttle is metallic white and I think I applied about 15 layers to get it as opaque as it is. Even then this is a space shuttle with a slight blue tinge, and quite obvious brush marks. I like to think they look like heat retarding tiles (and I think P's buying that for now).

Then I used my freezer paper stencil (now that's fun!) to put the metallic silver over the top, then freehand painted the burners. By now I'd built up a very thick layer of rubbery paint and trying to remove the freezer paper was tricky. The paint almost had to be cut away from the paper where I'd painted over the edge of the stencil.

It'll be interesting to see how it holds up to wearing and washing.

Sewn last night and worn this morning, but there's some serious LEGO building going on so modelled photos were under duress.



  1. Its Awesome.

    Hugo would have loved this at P's age.
    (Probably still would).
    xx N

  2. Too bad about the paint however it does look really good. The two-tone sleeves look great too!

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments. I can see myself painting on everything as it's such fun.

  4. Love the shirt! The rocket looks great...I hope it holds up through the wash.:)

  5. Well it looks great! Bummer it took so much effort on the paint front. Hope it wears and washes well for you!


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