Sunday 9 June 2013

P's turn...

Some more overlocker love, and this time it was P's turn.

First up: Oliver + S Field Trip Raglan T in superfine merino. Gosh this feels good.
I chose to leave off the little, rounded pocket as sewing that with super stretchy wool seemed a bit fiddly, but it would help to show which is the front! I really must get some labels...

And here's a Flashback Skinny T in cotton lycra.

And another Field Trip, again in merino wool. I realised as I sewed these tops (and another that I'll reveal tomorrow) that I LOVE this pattern purely cause there's no need to set in sleeves.

One of the things I love about sewing with knit fabric is that when I do a set in sleeve (like the Flashback) there's no need for gathering stitches, just stretch to fit and pin. But with this pattern there's not even any stretching or pinning, just panels to sew together. Bliss.

And more kiddo love, .....

 .............he cracks me up.


  1. These look even better on your lad than in your Flickr picture. Great job!
    Ane you channelling Star Trek with these color ways?

    1. Thanks. I think he's a good looking kid, but I am biased!
      I naturally gravitate towards brown, beige, khaki, olive, but then I sometimes remind myself they're kids and buy something like that electric blue wool. There's no reason, just fabric shopping!

    2. With leanings towards those colors you could just about qualify as an honorary kiwi and supporter of the beige brigade... The NZ one day international cricket teams from the (more successful) 80's wore these colors and now these outfits are worn by supporters at cricket matches (probably hoping for some 80's-inspired success...).

  2. Haha nice moves, buddy!! Love it.

  3. You have really mastered making t's. Nicely done!


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