Tuesday 11 January 2022

Trophy Hare

Ever since I made the trophy head swan, A and I were in agreement that there should be more trophy head animals in her room.

We agreed that the next one should be the hare, and I couldn't love it more!


The wool is a really lovely, and very reasonably priced alpaca. It had just the right amount of fuzz to give the hare a bit of a furry look.

it's Cloudborn Alpaca worsted, from LoveCrafts I think. The pattern is from Vanessa Mooncie's book: Trophy Heads to Crochet

The eyes were done by blending some strands of embroidery floss in gold and brown together, and then the whiskers are the same heavy duty fishing line used way back here for my mice.

As well as the backing plate, the ears have some curved mount board in them to keep their shape. I was really happy with the hook size and yarn for this project as it has good density, unlike the recent lobster where the stitches are a bit too open.

I can see myself making more of these as I love pretty much every pattern in the book! Maybe a fox next?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Sharon, the yarn had the perfect amount of fluff and tweed to it for a hare!

  2. I haven't been on your blog for too long obviously. Those trophy heads are blowing my mind away. If I could commission one I would! Just gorgeous.

  3. The one I'd love to make, if only I could invent patterns rather than copy them, would be an Ernest Hemingway mounted head :)


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