Friday 15 March 2019

Wax Print Birthday Party dress

When I pulled out the dress pattern options for A's birthday dress, an obvious choice (that she initially passed up) was the Birthday Party dress.

And what better fabric for those lovely, crisp box pleats than my left over Vlisco wax print (Frocktails 2018 dress here)

This is a really, lovely dress pattern. A simple, well shaped bodice with centre front and back panels to give it a lovely shape. The centre front panel having these gorgeous, deep pleats that close with either a button tab or a beautiful fabric bow.

I'd only sewn it twice before. Once, back here as a gift, and once for A when she was about two years old.

I couldn't help but give it one last turn. The wax print was not only was the perfect fabric to hold those pleats and look great with the pattern, but I had an oddly shaped remnant with lots of narrow, long bits - just exactly what the six panelled dress required. No other pattern would have fit and I ended up with barely an A4 page's worth of scraps.

I found I had just the right buttons for the back in my stash. Some plastic buttons that had a hint of "bone" about them and looked kind of cool with the fabric.

And for the button tab closure at the front, one last of the metal buttons that I'd used on a jacket way back (gee I loved that jacket and definitely want to revisit that pattern too. So little time, sob)

I know this dress won't get a heap of wear, but it made me so happy to make it. The sewing was a delight, it looks fabulous on, and it used up fabric that would have otherwise been waste.

If it gets handed down to another kid having only been worn once or twice I'll still be happy. The Oliver + S patterns are very much about my sewing journey and the end result is merely cake icing. It's also a great away to procrasti-craft and avoid the boring trackpants or uniform sewing that is probably required...

Which reminds me, the other patterns in the list of those that stop at size 8 are begging to be made as well. I've got the Sailboat, Sunday Brunch or Playdate on the list. Which would you choose?


  1. I love this pattern too, and am very impressed with your pattern matching on the front pleats. It looks fantastic, and even if you think it won't get much use, it still looks amazing (and I agree, half the fun is in the making anyway).

    1. Thank you but I must point out I made no attempt, nor played any part in the pattern aligning. I cut with the leftovers I had and let the pleats hide the innacuracy!

  2. This is beautiful! Excellent work, as usual :)

  3. It is rather fabulous.
    I only made this once, I feel the need to pull it out again.


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