Thursday 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

I grew up in a city noted for it's strange ways, and we went Trick or Treating as kids. It seems the rest of the country didn't....

But now, with the rise of the American empire, or the decline of civilisation as we know it, depending on your point of view, Halloween is IN!

The kids were invited to go Trick or Treating with P's friends from kindy. We needed some costumes, quick, and you know me, they were going to have to be handmade. P said he wanted to be a scary, black ghost.... Two and two thirds year old A declared she would be a happy, purple ghost. And that was that.

The cloaks were made using the Happy Homemade Vol 2 "S" hoodie (seen here) which I had to hand as I used the hood for A's little hooded Nature Walk Pullover
I added a couple of inches to the front of the hood then widened the sleeves and made them extra long and made it an A-line skirt to the floor. Perhaps doing a bias bound seam finish on the necklines of Halloween costumes is overkill, but it made me happy to know how good they looked on the inside.

 The masks were made with a fat quarter each of white fabric. A few simple tucks at the top to help keep them on, a bit of elastic at the back and then some straight stitched applique using fusible web. I cut the mouth holes more for air supply than for stuffing lollies through and both masks were abandoned halfway through the Trick or Treating walk.

This little purple ghost was so cute. She didn't say trick or treat but jumped up and down on the spot saying "I'm a purple ghost" over and over

I tried to get a photo of the kids in the Cargobike on our way to the party but there was no way I could get them to be happy with their helmets on over their hoods and masks, so they disrobed. It was quite hilarious though, seeing these little safety conscious ghosts with their bike helmets on.

We got home in time for another quick picture on the front porch with our pumpkin lit up and then my good little ghosts brushed their teeth and went to bed!

Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. your intro made me laugh so much. and i love those costumes. well done, mama!

    1. It's firmly tongue in cheek believe me. Our current leader is set to rival George W for international embarrassment factor.
      Thanks for the costume compliment.

  2. Oh fun! I bet the helmets were hilarious with the costumes :)

  3. Looks like the kids had a great time! I have to laugh that trick-or-treating has spread around the world. My kids love Halloween and I daresay they look forward to it even more than Christmas.;)

    1. I think mine are new converts. My son was a bit nervous about the whole knocking on doors part and did a practice run at home first!


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