Thursday 13 June 2013

Fast, sticky, and moderately successful

I delved back into my Japanese sewing books and whipped this up last night.

I'm not all that impressed with it, but in the interests of blogging honesty, it's here.
The pattern is from Girl's Sassy Clothes and I think with better fabric choice it could be truly lovely. I was surprised there wasn't more fullness to the skirt section as it certainly looked more gathered in the photos. Otherwise it's a great top to sew as there aren't any fastenings at all. Super quick!

The flower pattern is from the same book, and while I can't read any Japanese I figured the shaded areas referred to glue. What a sticky mess it was rolling those petals, spraying them with fabric glue then trying to get them to stick in place. I ended up having to use a few big stitches with a doll's needle to keep it all together, and then waiting until the next day to try and peel the velour fluffed glue from my fingertips!
Next time I think I'd just stitch the petals to each other.
The fabric was a piece of synthetic, stretch velour that my mother-in-law gave my daughter along with a shoe box on a string. The shoebox teddy sled proved to be very popular and while she loved the feel of the fabric it was not played with enough to stop me chopping into it.

A recalcitrant model today

I made the top in size 100cm, whereas she really would have been better suited to the size90. It's a bit gape-y around the neck line.

Oddly, my unpredictable daughter seems to HATE the flower and simply refused to have it pinned on the top. She happily wore the top all day without the flower. There was I thinking this was the kind of detail that could sell a little girl on an otherwise quite plain, brown and mustard top.

What do I know?!

I'll definitely revisit this pattern, but I might try it in some nice linen, or maybe a pair of shot cotton colours. Mmmmmm.


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